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Christelle Maldague accompanies each step of your interior design project from its planning to its creation. Her clients include individuals, corporates (offices, welcome desks, meeting rooms, etc.) and professionals (boutiques, restaurants, etc.). 





Interior Design Advisory


Listen to your wishes

Whether you are a professional or an individual, our first consultation aims to analyse and evaluate your needs. This is essential to understand your lifestyle and subsequently offer adequate solutions. At the end of this consultation, your project begins to take shape.


Design your new environment

A few weeks later, you will receive all the necessary documents and information to begin your project: plans, elevations, sketches, suggestions of materials, furniture, colours and objects, financial estimations, quotes, etc.


Carry out the building work

Should you wish, Christelle Maldague supervises the building work, from the selection of qualified builders and artisans to the final delivery stages, and respects the agreed budget and timescale.



Brighten up your interior

Sometimes you only need to change a light or move a piece of your furniture to change the atmosphere of your interior. Christelle Maldague gives you tips and advice that will improve your comfort and well-being, without changing everything. 


Furniture Design

Create a unique item of furniture

As part of your project, Christelle Maldague looks for solutions based on your needs whilst taking into account the building and space. She designs and creates bespoke items of furniture. 




Gain time

Christelle Maldague can buy the items of furniture and decorative objects on your behalf, and negotiates with suppliers.  


Home Staging

Promote your property

To help you sell your property quickly and at the right price, Christelle Maldague arranges your interior to give potential buyers the coup de coeur


Each of these services is tailor-made and a personalised quote is drawn up. Click here to ask for information or for a quote









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